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American Ginseng . Product of Wisconsin, U.S.A., Net weight: 4 oz
American Ginseng planted and grown in the woods.  This  ginseng having higher potency and stronger curative efficacy than regular cultivated ginseng.
Ginseng roots work against the effects of stress and anxiety, combating fatigue. Ginseng can improve digestion, metabolism, appetite, endurance, and as a sexual stimulation for both sexes.

Dose and usage: 10 to 20 grams of ginseng can be used each time for the preparation of steamed tonic tea, or cut it in small pieces, chew and eat. Another convenient way is just putting the sliced ginseng into a cup or vacuum flask with boiling water, cover and soak for about 15 minutes and then drink the water.

Keep this product out of reach of chidren store in a cool dry place.


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